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What are your favourite movies? What were some of the best movies you've seen this year? What's complete crap or fluff? What was the sleeper hit of the year? Come share your thoughts on movies. RSS Feed what is XML?

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"I'll never let go."  topic
Bullitt Cast  topic
Albus Dumbledore: Lilly. After all this time? ...  topic
Dudes on bogus dope be worshipping punk-ass BLA...  topic
Movie Aficionado on Google+  topic
The Artist (2011)  topic
Two of the best recent sci-fi films.....  topic
Best Movie Ever.  topic
The Devil's Double  topic
Lebanon  topic
Dark Shadows 2012  topic
Any one seen Life of pi?  topic
Iron Sky  topic
John Dies at the End  topic
Taken  topic
At the Mountains of Madness  topic
Prometheus  topic
Hunger Games  topic
the Cabin in the Woods  topic
The Grey (2012)  topic
David Denby asks: Do the Movies Have a Future?  topic
The Master  topic
the VHS Glut and the Movie Whore's Orgy  topic
Salmon Fishing In The Yeman  topic
Catch-22 - an anniverary  topic

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